Playing With Prints

I’d like to begin by immediately apologizing for the terrible quality and lighting. It’s 9:30 where I live and I have just managed to sit down at my laptop and breathe.

But you have my word, future posts will be much better quality, just stick with me through this one!
Okay now onto the truly important stuff, the outfit:


Like I said, bear with me through the horrible quality of these photos, but today I felt like mixing up patterns, which was a first for me! I chose to pair a navy blouse with white polka dots with a white and blue vertically striped skater skirt. Ideally, the sleeves of the blouse could’ve been longer and a little less flow-y so as to not make it look like I’m swimming in fabric, but I still love it.

Both the blouse and skirt are from Forever 21 but considering that I bought them about a million years ago I couldn’t find the exact pieces, so here are some I found that I thought would work just as well:

Polka dot top:

Striped skirt:

Lastly, the accessories, aka my favorite part!
First things first I’d like to introduce my favorite part of the entire look: my amazing disco ball oxfords


The sparkle of these totally dresses up the outfit while the oxford style keeps it classy and neat.

I couldn’t find the exact ones I wore, I bought them about two years ago, the brand is Gianni Bini, but I found another pair that I thought was super cute and fun:

Finally, I finished the outfit off with my go-to watch!


I definitely took this photo from the Nixon website, so all rights and credit goes to them- the quality of the photo I took was just painfully bad. But this watch is a serious go to!! The colors go perfect with everything and keep any outfit casual while staying classy and put together. Here’s the link: (mine is in rose gold/ white).

I hope you all enjoyed this post and there will be more to come, of much better quality I might add once again! Best of wishes to everyone and happiest of thoughts!

To the moon and back,


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