Howdy blog-o-sphere!

I bet you all thought I gave up on my blog (as per usual) but no! The past week has just been really rough and I figure, what better way to feel better and work towards positivity than to write about it?

I’ve glued myself into a state of monotony and disappointment, this led to feeling so unmotivated with, well, everything- that is everything I don’t absolutely have to do, which I often times, if not every time, found myself dreading doing. I’m not sure what really shook me into this state or how to get out of it, but I’m trying, so I guess that’s what counts. Coupled with my severe lack of motivation has been some serious body image issues, which is nothing new for me, but I suppose none of you would know that. I’ve entirely changed up my diet and workout routine to try to counteract these feelings, and it’s working, I just need more time to really see results and let it work.

Another thing that has been drastically changing in my life is friends. Typical high school drama, yes, but I haven’t had drama like this since seventh grade, which should begin to describe the immaturity of it. Two of my best friends have recently walked out of my life which is ultimately a good thing because of how much drama and negativity they brought to everyone around them. The hard part of these friendships ending is the way in which they’ve ended- with hurtful words thrown around like nothing more than pillows. I guess growing from this stuff is just about knowing my character and sticking to that and using whatever feedback I’m getting to fuel me to become a better person.

It’s time for a newfound effort in everything. Health, education, productivity, writing, cooking, a social life, just personal growth overall. It’s time to stop sitting around feeling sad and really, truly work to feel better, and, more importantly, to be better.

So here goes nothing, or maybe even everything!

To the moon and back,


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