Day 1 of 365

July 7 is a strange day begin what is, essentially, a “new years resolution.” But it may be easier to follow through on such a random day than on the first of the year, when it all seems to be jinxed from the get-go.

So what I am doing for the next year is fairly simple: adopting a new lifestyle, health and fitness plan that I will stick to.

This entails finally becoming vegan, something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time and, for some reason, have never truly done. I will also drastically improve my yoga practice to not only aid in becoming more physically fit, but also to find a stronger peace within myself that always resonates with me after a yoga class. On the note of becoming more fit, I’m also joining a gym and going 5-6 times per week.

I’m also going to begin living a more minimalist lifestyle, in terms of fashion, beauty, and basic living. I’m going to start by getting rid of my beloved acrylic nails this weekend and regrowing my natural ones back to their full strength, wish me luck on that. Retiring from blonde hair is something that I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do, so to meet in the middle I’m going to do an ombre with my natural light brown color fading into a blonde, that way I get both and the upkeep is much easier. Living a more minimalist lifestyle is what I will struggle with most. When I say living a more minimalist life I mean doing more with what I have, saving money, and just being smarter in general, even down to grocery shopping.

Finally, over this next year, I will truly focus on myself and my character. From applying for scholarships and researching my dream schools, to spending more time in nature, to only really being around people whose presence I enjoy, I will better myself to become a kinder, happier person over the next year.

This is a new adventure for me and I am so excited to bring my readers along with me and keep you all informed as to my progress and possibly inspire others to begin doing what they truly want to do.

To the moon and back,

6 thoughts on “Day 1 of 365

  1. Great post! I also want to live a more minimalistic lifestyle by buying less things I don’t actually need. Delighted to hear someone wants to becoming vegan! Your going to feel amazing if you stick with it long term, trust me. Some of my personal experiences and changes with becoming vegan are on my blog if your interested:) Good luck with your ‘new years resolution’. 🙂


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