Reappearing On The Face Of The Earth

My biggest apologies for, once again, falling off the face of the Earth.

Life has a funny way of getting unmanageably crazy sometimes.

It pains me to announce that my vegan journey is, well, on a break. New Mexico is, without a doubt, one of the worst places to be a busy student and attempt veganism. I find myself surrounded by fast food, pizza, and food covered nearly entirely in cheese. As a pizza addict, that was what broke me. Having no time to cook meant that I had no solid meals which meant that after four days of not eating a solid meal, I was entirely ready to chow down on pizza. Regardless of my defeat, I can’t express my gratitude for all the support and kindness I received.

I am still avoiding dairy and following a strict vegetarian diet, as I have done for years. I hope that when I move out of the state I will have many more vegan options.

Applying for colleges sucks. Thinking about colleges sucks. And that’s currently all I’m doing. I thought I had a plan, and then I thought I had another plan, and now I’m unsure of any plan at all. So, as I continue to search and stress I will keep everyone updated.

I don’t have much more to write tonight, my apologies, but I will have plenty more throughout the week! I hope everyone is doing well.

To the moon and back,

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