High Five Friday


Today I am starting a new weekly series: high five friday, in which I make a post about my five favorite things from the week, ranging from TV shows, to recipes!

1: Nike Flyknit Lunar 3


I am absolutely obsessed with these shoes! They’re so comfortable and cute and they look stylish with skinny jeans or leggings, without looking too frumpy. They’re really lightweight and breathable, I only use them for the gym but they’d be great for runners too! These are the wolf grey ones.

Shop here

2: Anthropologie mittens


Another absolutely amazing item that I received for Christmas. These mittens are so unbelievably soft and cozy. The bright colors in this pair are my favorite because they’re so fun!

Shop here

3: Chanel Perfume


Despite not being able to pronounce the name, this perfume has become my signature scent. It’s lightweight and girly, without being overpowering or too intense.

Shop here

4: “I Can’t Sleep” Journal

SLeep journal

This little journal is one of the coolest gifts I’ve received in a while. There are so many nights when I have trouble falling asleep and this is the perfect thing to help me fall asleep, it allows me to get out any thoughts or to-do lists that are keeping me awake.

Shop here

5: Vegan double chocolate cake


Holy moly this cake is amazing. I wanted to begin the new year baking so I made this tonight and it is one of my new favorite cakes! I followed the original recipe and just added some strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries on top!

Recipe here


I hope everyone has a very happy and safe new year filled with adventure, love, and enlightenment!

To the moon and back,

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