New drinking game: take a shot every time I try to start a blog and fail- miserably.

God knows how long I have wanted to enter the blog-o-sphere and earn the title of a ‘blogger’. Today is the day when I entire that realm and, hopefully, earn my title, difficult as it may be.

I’ll start by introducing my blog:  I figure, blog about what interests you, but what if you’re interested in everything? Naturally, that is much too broad of a topic for a blog, so I narrowed it down. My oh-so unique blog will focus on fashion, food, beauty, health, and general lifestyle posts. Although that may not narrow down the topic much more than everything would have, you now know that I won’t be writing about sports or politics (okay maybe rarely politics), and topics as such that may, or may not, interest you.

I will now introduce myself: hi! My name is Margaret, but just about everyone calls me Maggie, Mags to those closest to me and to all of you, because, well, who’s closer than the people who read your thoughts, opinions, and creative posts? I’ve only ever lived in one place- the middle-of-nowhere New Mexico (yes, it is a state and not a foreign country). Sixteen years here and still trucking, more or less, and (attempting) to dress up myself and my daily life against the dusty colors of this state.

I implore you to follow my journey into the blog-o-sphere and to get to know me as I get to know you. I encourage you to continue to follow me through my everyday life as you discover why my noteworthy blog will prove to be just that.




Twitter- @Magdoline10

Instagram- @magdoline10

Pinterest- Maggie Benson (@magdoline10)


Tumblr- missteriousity.tumblr.com

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