Newfound Inspiration

As the seasons roll by and fashion trends change with the color of the leaves, I feel a new inclination to stick to simple prints and designs, classic cuts, and neutral colors. Minimalist fashion is nothing new or groundbreaking, and there are an abundance of wonderful women to draw information from, however my favorite form of minimalist trends revolves around pops of brighter color and patterns. Red, blue, olive green, floral; there are so many ways to keep timeless outfits interesting and unique, these are the women I frequently turn to when searching for inspiration:

Emma Stone


The loose, boyish cuts of Ms. Stone’s clothing, coupled with the neutral palette, make for a classy and effortless outfit.


Once again she looks stunning in a classic black blouse with a minimally patterned skirt, but adding the red heels makes the outfit interesting and unique.


Staying true to her classic style, Emma Stone couples a large coat with skinny jeans and a classic button-up shirt, her shoes once again make the outfit stand out.

Charlize Theron 


Appearing comfortable yet chic in the streets, Theron’s addition of peep-toe black heels make the simple all black outfit and grey sweater eye-catching.


Black on black works best when the pieces posses entirely different qualities, Theron demonstrates this best in her large black turtle neck and leather leggings, the neutral bag and laces keep the outfit from being boring.


An all denim ensemble can also be hard to piece together, pairing lighter denim with darker denim creates contrast and adding classic black accessories uphold the minimalist feel of the new trend.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley


Although this outfit is not very minimalist, the blazer and cut of the blouse keep it classic and timeless while the bag and lavender shirt make it individualistic.


Whiteley’s basic palette creates a timeless outfit couples with pointed toe black heels, the outfit becomes more daring and different from other entirely black and grey pieces, and the added structure of the blazer make it all the more interesting.


Also a not entirely minimalist outfit, the neutral pointed toe heels and top keep the outfit classic while the patterned jacket makes it chic and distinct.


Quite possibly my favorite outfit of the entire post, Whiteley makes a statement in a fitted mini dress. The colors in the outfit stay entirely neutral, however they stay on the lighter end of the neutral scale for a new take on minimalist dressing.

That’s all I’ve got for you today! I’d love to hear some of your style inspiration’s in the comments and I hope you all have a lovely week!

To the moon and back,


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